Tazze by Twinsadhouse

Twinsadhouse Exhibits The Tazze Nuts, Dried Fruits

Twinsadhouse , the creator of the displayed project Tazze by Twinsadhouse spells out, we created a new brand architecture for our client focusing on the priorities individuals consuming nuts in Turkey. our target was: Designs reflecting the quality products of the brand. Making difference compared to the competitors. Emphasizing the freshness and taste of the products. Other brands use different photos with different angles and light of the nut variations on their packages. First, our variations of 3 product lines has the same identical angle, light, sack, bowl etc. This leads the consumer to understand the difference much better and easier when the packages stand side-by-side on the shelf. We placed & replaced the nuts, or variated them manually on computer. The Top part of all the packages has the same identical pattern which created from our “Tazze” logos background leaves, which carries the keywords of natural, fresh and young and also helps all the products belong to the same brand no matter what kind or color. .

Tazze by Twinsadhouse Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=50904

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