Jewellery:poseidon by Samira Mazloom

Samira Mazloom Spotlights The Poseidon Jewellery

Samira Mazloom, the architect of the displayed work Poseidon - Jewellery by Samira Mazloom illustrates, The Jewellery I design expresses my feelings. It represents me as an artist,designer and also as a person. The trigger to create Poseidon was set in the darkest hours of my life when I felt frightened,vulnerable and in need of protection. Primarily I designed this collection to be used in self defense. Even though that notion has faded throughout this project,it still does exist. Poseidon (the god of the sea and "Earth-Shaker,"of earthquakes in Greek mythology) is my first official collection and is aimed at strong women,meant to give the wearer the feeling of power and confidence..

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